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IEEE/EIA 12207 is a 21st Century framework for acquiring and developing software. It is the keystone of the IEEE Software Engineering Standards series. And, in their ISO packaging, the IEEE/EIA 12207 engineering requirements are the world's definitive description of the software life cycle. IEEE/EIA 12207 is compatible with the new, agile software development techniques and also with traditional object-oriented and structured methods. It complements quality standards such as ISO 9000 and process improvement frameworks such as the CMMI. IEEE/EIA 12207 is today's mature approach to using software life cycle standards for software process improvement.

This course is a one-day explanation of the key elements of IEEE/EIA 12207. It is also the prerequisite for our intermediate-level IEEE/EIA 12207 tailoring workshops. Each student in this course receives all three volumes of IEEE/EIA 12207, and a copy of the instructor's compact 170-page Guidebook to IEEE/EIA 12207 published by Abelia, plus a binder that contains copies of the instructor's slides and additional supplementary material.

The instructor is Dr. Lewis Gray from Abelia, who was one of the principal authors of IEEE/EIA 12207. Thousands of people have attended his presentations, courses and workshops on IEEE/EIA 12207 in the USA, Sweden and Australia.

Course Outline:

1. IEEE/EIA 12207 - (Structure and topics)
...ISO/IEC 12207 (1995) - (The base requirements)
...Additions by IEEE and EIA - (Data and implementation)

2. Key Requirements of the Primary Life Cycle Processes
...Acquisition - (What the system/software buyer does)
...Supply - (What the system/software seller does)
...Development - (What software developers do)
...Operation - (What the system operator does)
...Maintenance - (What software maintainers do)

3. The Quality Model in IEEE/EIA 12207 - (Multiple, interacting, life cycle processes)

4. Tailoring Process and Compliance - (What tailoring teams do)

5. Relations with Other Standards and Frameworks
...IEEE Software Engineering Standards
...CMMI® (Capability Maturity Model® Integration)
...ISO Standards (ISO/IEC 15288, ISO 9000)

6. Using IEEE/EIA 12207 with "agile," Object-Oriented and Structured Methods

Who Should Attend:
Software Quality Managers and Personnel
System/software Process Improvement Personnel.
Software Development Managers and Leads
Software Acquisition Managers and Personnel


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